07 Aug, 2019
Fashion and Design Network: our European network

Do our products speak the same language as the market? This is the question that led to the development of our new Fashion and Design Network of branches, partners and ambassadors, thanks to which we have brought our products closer to the needs of operators, and turned our technical jargon into emotions. Guandong is the first and only manufacturer in Europe to have a network dedicated to the world of Fashion and Design, bypassing the supply chain to guarantee a specialised service that is close to hand. The branches in England and China work side by side with the creative centre in Bucharest and our Italian partners: the Decor Lab, where we are present year-round with installations, demonstrations and courses; the Wow Print Lab, where we share expertise, inspirations and technologies; and Alpac Srl, the first Guandong Embassy that transforms our solutions into fascinating displays.

At the Decor Lab, of which we are members and co-founders, we have organised 18 meetings with architects, designers and decorators in less than 2 years. Little big steps to taking our mission even further: to spread tools for growing in the world of visual communications.

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