Change your wall decoration in just a few minutes!

Magnet & Ferro is a range of magnetic and ferrous products that radically change the approach to outfitting and decorating vertical surfaces.

Thanks to the extreme dynamism and versatility with which it is possible to renew graphics and entirely or partially transform surfaces, these products are a formidable ally for wall and panel decorations.

The products in the Magnet & Ferro range are suitable for Eco-solvent, Latex, UV and Screen printing.

Magnetic & Ferrous
Self-Adhesive Rolls

Rolls of magnetic and ferrous self-adhesive bases, for the preparation of surfaces to be decorated.

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheets

Sheets of self-adhesive magnetic bases, for creating do-it-yourself magnetic walls.

Ferro Paint

Iron-based paints for applying magnetic film to walls and panels.

Ferro Film

Iron-based film for creating high quality decorations to apply to magnetic walls.

Magnet Film

Magnetic film to apply on ferrous walls for advertising or integral decoration.

Did you know…

Take a look at the information sheet for more ideas and advice on the Magnetic range and its products.

Quick Support - FAQ

Our A3 Plus sheets measure 320 x 460 mm.

We have introduced a new range of materials for Digital Offset Printing. Find out more about all the products in the Mr. Magnus Digital Offset range.

Unlike vinyl materials, our PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is more stable dimensionally, resists temperatures from -90 °C to +160 °C, is extremely flat and is subjected to more than one coating treatment in order to make its surface printable. Finally, its mechanical and chemical resistance make it highly resistant over time.

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