50×70 cm sheets for Digital Offset printing

The Mr. Magnus Digital Offset range offers a specific line of sheets for digital Offset printing: technology that revolutionises the concept of high productivity even on special synthetic materials. The sheets in the Mr. Magnus Digital Offset line are also fully compatible with printing on Digital Flatbed and screen printing systems.

Mr Magnus®
50x70 Synthetic sheets

Sheets for Digital Offset, Desktop Flatbed and Screen printing.

Did you know…

Take a look at the information sheet for more ideas and advice on the Mr. Magnus Digital Offset range and its products.

Quick Support - FAQ

Our A3 Plus sheets measure 320 x 460 mm.

We have introduced a new range of materials for Digital Offset Printing. Find out more about all the products in the Mr. Magnus Digital Offset range.

Unlike vinyl materials, our PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is more stable dimensionally, resists temperatures from -90 °C to +160 °C, is extremely flat and is subjected to more than one coating treatment in order to make its surface printable. Finally, its mechanical and chemical resistance make it highly resistant over time.

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