Walkable adhesive films suitable for direct printing of graphics on floors, exteriors and carpets, or for protective lamination.

The most complete assortment of adhesive films for the direct printing or lamination of non-slip walkable graphics, to be applied to any horizontal surface: in public spaces, stations, airports, shops and businesses, fairs, on wet surfaces, and in outdoor spaces.

The products in the Floor Graphics range are easy to print, cut and apply, and are DIN 51130 non-slip certified in classes R9, R10 and even R13.

An absolute novelty is REVITA TACK PURO: the first green walkable support suitable for direct printing, 100% re-positionable, 100% recyclable, glue-free, and applicable on both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces.


Lamination films for non-slip adhesive graphics.


The only existing walkable support suitable for direct printing, it is stick and peal, 100% recyclable, and may also be applied on walls.


Walkable, printable films for non-slip applications on floors, exteriors and carpets, certified self-extinguishing DIN 4102 B1.

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Consult the information sheet to discover ideas and advice on the use of the Floor Graphics line and its products.

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