Our bespoke customisation services

Render your every project possible

A customised offer is Guandong’s creed. For this reason, we have made available to our customers a true service of tailor-made production that is completely Made in Italy.

Thanks to our use of the best available technologies and the most advanced production facilities, we are now able to guarantee a very high level of quality, transformation and flexibility to our production processes.

Special die-cut labels
Die-cut, detachable adhesive products with hook-and-loop fastening
Film featuring adhesive tabs which facilitate easy removal
Total G5 technology at your service

Create whatever material you want, in whichever way you want it


Obtain ready-for-use adhesive materials


Render any chosen material adhesive


Realise products of any shape or size


Combine multiple materials without limits

How does G5 Factory work?

CHOOSE the Guandong product/products you wish to customise

SELECT one or more services, such as Customisation, Kiss Cutting, Tape Lamination, Die-cutting and Assembly

CONTACT our Customer Care for information and orders

DONE! Your tailor-made product is now available!

Do you wish to realise a tailor-made product?
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