03 Aug, 2020
Guandong accelerates its 2020-2022 industrial plan

R&D, European subsidiaries, acquisitions, joint ventures, and Guandong’s new production site

Guandong Italia celebrates its first 14 years of activity with the announcement of a new, ambitious three-year industrial plan, approved unanimously by the Board of Directors during the month of July. Introducing the presentation, is the founder and Chairman of Guandong, Edoardo Elmi, who summarized the objectives achieved during the company’s first chapter in life. “Many years have passed since 2007, when we announced, with no little bravado, the birth of Guandong, an entrepreneurial project immediately based on a clear vision: a large part of our catalogue is produced in China, but we have never kept this a secret, so much so that we even picked a Chinese name. Over time, we have built a relationship of trust with the market, based on transparency, quality and innovation, and this, as a brand, has earned us an excellent reputation. If you intend to work with China, you need to know exactly what you want, and our strength is based on a great technical tradition. Today, after 14 years, the European market recognizes us as the Specialities’ Specialist“. Currently, the numbers confirm that the path chosen obstinately at the time by the company management was a good one: Guandong is the only company in Europe to offer products compatible with 12 different printing technologies; less than 0.2% complaints (for the fourth consecutive year); the opening of two new subsidiaries, one in the United Kingdom and one in the Balkans overseeing all of Eastern Europe, with the objective of continuing to strengthen our presence abroad.

Team Principal Daniele Faoro illustrates the details of Guandong’s new industrial plan for the next three years: “The health emergency has brought us face to face with new challenges, but also with great opportunities,” said Faoro, summoning all of his positivity. “We are focusing on innovation as regards both thought and action”.  The strategy of the three-year plan provides for a significant increase in investments in R&D (+ 14%), which translates into over 3.5 million euros allocated to the development of new products, acquisitions, and joint ventures, as well as the creation of new branches abroad and the purchase of a new production site on the outskirts of Milan, already operational in early July. “One might consider this to be a rather ambitious program, especially in a historical moment like this, but the feedback we are getting from the market, together with our vision, is leading us to accelerate”, said Faoro. Strategies that are already being translated into concrete actions: during the lockdown, the company developed 6 completely new products, including REvita Tack Puro, the first 100% recyclable walkable film based on nano technology, and the new Tools & Tapes line. But novelties are not only to be found in the catalogue: Guandong is also offering an unprecedented range of financial solutions dedicated to its customers, including the new TRUST Card, presented at the height of the health emergency.


Today, Guandong’s corporate snap-shot shows an extremely dynamic reality, strengthened by a motivated and competent staff selected in order to better manage the market at a European level, with an even more evident display of strength during the months of lockdown. “It is often said a bit rhetorically, that companies are made of people. But when in the reality of the moment, in a time of difficulty, a team proves to be cohesive, its energy is also perceived externally, so much so that the market also attributes that energy to the brand itself,” added Faoro. “Never as during this time, has our team shown the depth of its commitment and attachment to the company. Deep passion and a shared vision guides it: the certainty of the possible”. A strategy that has translated into the increased turnover recorded in recent months. “Our staff includes 6 native speakers, who allow us to localize commercial management throughout various European countries,” said Faoro. “And on the commercial front, we continue to interface with our end users, which, in our case, are represented by fitters, architects and designers. Because of this, we have strengthened our team of promoters in their interaction with these strategic interlocutors”.

Guandong adds to all the above a strong commitment towards environmental protection. “Sustainability is a philosophy that we have pursued for years, not only with the support to 4ocean, a foundation that deals with ocean protection and clean-up, but, above all, with our GreenLife® trademark, which not only qualifies our products, but involves the whole production process, from the use of renewable sources to the use of recycled and recyclable packaging”, concluded Faoro.

La filosofia Green Life Guandong protegge l'ambiente con politiche produttive eco-friendly



Among the corporate innovations already activated by Guandong in recent weeks, is the commercial joint venture entered into with M5 Biadesivi. This company, based in Northern Italy, possesses superlative skills and the most advanced production technologies, developed in over 40 years of activity in the production, transformation and distribution of adhesive tapes, double-sided adhesives and plastic materials in general.

The M5 partnership with Guandong is aimed at developing innovative products and solutions, characterized by the highest quality standards. The results will be marketed in Europe exclusively by the Specialities’ Specialist. Among some of the novelties already born from this joint venture, are the products belonging to the Tools & Tapes range, and also the unprecedented customization services offered by the new G5 Factory brand, which include on-demand customization of Guandong products based on customers’ specific indications.

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