23 Apr, 2021
Guandong new Sample Kit


Guandong is increasingly oriented towards 360-degree communication with all the players in the supply chain, both in visual communications and interior decoration. “For some time now, we have not only been using agents, dealers and printers as our interlocutors, but also architects, designers and retailers, that is, all those who can be considered influencers and end users of our products”, explains Daniele Faoro, Guandong’s Team Principal. Over the past few months, Guandong has developed many innovative tools to promote operational collaboration and dialogue between printers and end consumers, starting with the new MM21 Collection interactive digital catalogue, which presents Guandong’s vast and ever-expanding range of products and solutions in 5 different languages. Then there is the new App for smartphones, with an intuitive interface and a gallery full of images and videos illustrating the countless applications of Guandong materials.

Today, Guandong takes yet another step forward with printers in mind. The Specialities Specialist has now combined the versatility of these digital tools with another innovative idea that is destined to revolutionise the concept of traditional sample collections. The new application samples are a simple yet revolutionary idea that offers printers a valid marketing tool. It is a completely new way to communicate with customers who are looking for innovative ideas and solutions, using language that is a more immediate and effective, by allowing them to physically touch the different applications of the various materials. It is definitely a more fun way that stimulates customers’ creativity, and Guandong still also provides printers with classic samples so they have all the information they need on finishes, thicknesses, weights, and technical performances of the individual supports.

The new “Sample Kit” project is Guandong’s answer to a simple question: how can we help people understand the true potential of a material or a support? Well, what better way could there be than allowing them to actually see it used in the application it was designed for? “Hence the idea of combining the classic samples we provide to our customers with a Sample Kit of real applications made with our materials”, explains Faoro. One example is the floor graphic signage that indicates the reception area in a hotel, made with Mr Magnus, our family of products united by a unique plus: the possibility of being printed with 12 different printing technologies, as well as being extremely simple to use and apply. The kit developed by Guandong also includes membrane keyboards and fun eye tests for children, printed on sheets of Vinyljet PVC Backlit 320, the 100% recycled and recyclable support that is also available in versions for making roll ups, displays, and packaging. Other applications include the stain-resistant, sanitizable, washable, and repositionable menu, printed on Mr Magnus Polyester for double-sided toner / laser and offset printing, and stick and lift stickers for shop and car windows produced with Wally Clear PET. Then there are samples that reproduce the typical TAXI lettering, made with NANO-TACar, the polyester developed by the Guandong R&D department specifically for the decodynamics and automotive sectors. Coated with a nano adhesive with suction cups, this innovative support can be applied to any type of bodywork in sheet metal, aluminum, resin or plastic, and ensures perfect adhesion even at high speeds over 80 mph.

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