24 Apr, 2020
Stick and remove anything with TwoTack

“I’m looking for something to stick and remove my ads on basically any surface, leaving no glue residuals on it…”

How often have your clients requested such a solution to you? How many of these opportunities you were forced to drop because simply unable to match with that request?

The solution is already among us. TwoTack is the only double-sided tape featuring nanotechnology, it is equipped with a powerful self-adhesive on one side and with self-gripping nano suction cups on the other, and moreover counts the following valuable characteristics:

  • It enables any print to be truly repositionable, even if coupled with rigid substrates (plexiglass, forex, aluminium composite)
  • It neither leaves glue residuals nor bubbles
  • Ideal for any smooth surface (glass, wood, paper, wall, plastic, metal)
  • Washable and reusable many times
  • 100% recyclable
  • Designed in Italy!


Applying TwoTack is within everyone’s reach with these 5 no-brainer steps!

1) Cut out a strip of TwoTack

2) Remove the external protective layer

3) Stick the band on the desired media

4) Remove the last protective layer

5) Apply on the wall and have fun sticking and removing as many times as you want!


Want to test a sample? Any technical question?

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