04 Mar, 2021
4 textiles you need to print everything | NAOMI

A single range that works with Latex, UV, direct and transfer sublimation?

Naomi is the all-in-one range of textiles conceived to be printed on Latex, UV, direct and transfer sublimation.

Naomi takes advantage of the PCT yarn technology that provides:

  • +20% breaking strength
  • +18°C heat resistance during transfer process
  • up to 98% increase of transfer speed

With Naomi you can span the major textile printing technologies with the same product. This way you are able to optimise your warehouse and stock, preventing it to fill it up with too many specific media for each printing technology.

You can save much space and money, but also offer the best printing performance.


4 textiles to print anything you want

Naomi’s strength is simplicity: you can achieve basically any soft signage application with just 4 products.

Top grade opacity and lightweight, it’s made for frontlit imagery and suits just fine with frames, modular structures of all sizes and roll-up.

Its fabric allows an unmatched light diffusion and it’s capable to enhance the performance on any backlit structure.

Its unique black backing blocks out the light completely and hinders any interference, so it’s perfect to realise, for example, printed scenographies or coverings for expo structures.

Super breaking resistance, super lightweight and longlasting, ideal to produce wonderful flags for automotive and retail industries.


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