08 Jun, 2021
Clean up the oceans together | World Oceans Day

Yes, you can clean the world’s waters with plastic. Think we are kidding?

The 8th of June celebrates The World Oceans Day to empower every one of us about the respect of the key resource that mostly determines life and biodiversity on Earth: water.

Aware of our impact and responsibility, we have gave birth to REVITA, a range of fully recycled and recyclable printable substrates obtained from plastic and natural wastes, with which we actively support the 4Ocean foundation removing 1 pound of plastic from the seas for each Revita product you purchase.

We are firmly convinced we can sweep out the oceans rubbish once for all, together. One roll a day.


How we help our oceans every single day

REVITA®  – This is our 100% recycled and recyclable product range that gives new life and purpose to countless scraps which could otherwise pollute the environment, waters included.

We support 4OCEAN – With every ReVita® product sold  we actively support the 4OCEAN foundation to clean up the oceans of our beautiful blue planet.



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