04 Jun, 2021
Wall dressing: the fast-growing trend

Today, more than ever, fitters and printers must be versatile, fast, competitive, and in step with the technological innovations regarding the fields of machinery and materials. In order to respond effectively to the fast pace of last-minute campaigns and promotions, it is important to always have the most adequate materials available, safe and certified for specific applications.

Can Wall Dressing be realised only with wallpaper?

This represents the challenge taken up by the Guandong R&D department, which has intercepted a growing interest in the “apply and remove” trend in wall decoration, traditionally realised using wallpaper. A material that, even in its most advanced versions, presents critical issues in terms of application, removal speed, residue, resistance and disposal. “Our technicians had long been doing research aimed at developing the recipe for the perfect wallpaper, Fabio Elmi, Research and Development Director at Guandong tells us. “Then we realised that the answer was already to be found in our extensive catalogue, by further optimising the performance of supports present in our own ranges, and rendering them technically suitable for this new, intriguing concept of Wall Dressing.” To dress and cover walls in just a few minutes, thanks to interchangeable solutions featuring the most diverse textures, but all of them capable of combining simplicity, speed of application and removal, safety and, above all, an environment-friendly soul, in line with increasingly widespread needs in the field of eco-sustainability.

Shops and large-scale distribution, restaurants and hotels, corporate offices and private homes: Guandong’s Wall Dressing is well suited to any vertical customisation need, freeing the imagination for infinite applications, both in the promotional and interior decoration fields. ReVita®, ReVita® Tack Puro, TAP, Wally and M&F Visual Comm: these are the products that the SpecialitieSpecialist has reformulated for the decoration of walls and vertical surfaces.

Manufactured from 100% recycled and recyclable polyester, ReVita® is the result of careful and responsible production processes management, with an attentive eye towards environmental protection and circular economy. It perfectly embodies Guandong’s Greenlife® philosophy. Applicable with glue, it allows the creation of eye-catching and environmentally friendly decorations, printable with any technology, from UV to Latex.

TAP, an acronym for “Adhesive polyester fabric”, is applied without glue and can also be used for decorating furniture. TAP’s extreme coverage capacity, its surface opacity, and its cotton coating make it perfect for extremely elegant and refined wall coverings, bringing out the brilliance of the colours used.

We also find the fabric effect in ReVita® Tack Puro, the recycled and recyclable polyester that can be applied without glue, thanks to its Nano-Tack® adhesive technology (nano-dots). A plus that renders it endlessly reusable and re-positionable, without leaving residues or damaging surfaces, including on furniture. Furthermore, its R-13 anti-slip certification makes it extremely safe for the realisation of walkable graphics, applicable to the most delicate floors.

We have also optimised for the purposes of Wall Dressing another best seller from the Guandong ranges, the legendary Wally. A recycled polyester adhesive film from the Nano-Tack® Technology line, it allows the realisation of instant promotional messages and temporary decorations on walls and furniture, which can be easily installed and removed, even by non-professionals.

Lastly, M&F Visual Comm is our range of magnetic and ferrous products that radically changes the approach to setting up and decorating vertical surfaces. An extremely dynamic and versatile solution, it is ideal for “apply and remove” applications of graphics and objects in sales venues, restaurants, and offices, but also in classrooms or bedrooms. In fact, up to 4 layers of ferrite graphics can be associated with a first layer of magnetic adhesive, giving life to infinite and continuously interchangeable combinations.

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