12 Dec, 2019
FLOOR GRAPHICS – The world at your feet

Walkable film for per floors, pavings, moquettes, wet surfaces and even asphalt

The most complete range of films for decorating floors and horizontal surfaces, all providing with Anti-slip ratings and the DIN 4102-B1 fire protection compliance.

Today, more than ever before, pavements are a medium that should be seriously considered  when implementing a multichannel strategy. However, this channel has more particular characteristics in respect to walls and ceilings, because it is constantly being walked on and therefore less durable.

We present a range of new media for pavements through a special folder containing samples and straightforward technical fact sheets. Among the proposals for floor graphics are special materials that will surely satisfy the needs of even the most creative communicators.


The 200 micron protective layer featuring a special anti-slip surface complying DIN 51130 R10 standards and certified flame retardant DIN 4102 B1. This layer is ready to be laminated on any printed or unprinted self-adhesive media.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for long-term applications in crowded places such as mall centers, airports, railway stations and hospitals.

Linee colorate stampate su pellicola antiscivolo calpestabile applicata sul pavimento per guidare i visitatori negli ambienti, uffici, ospedali, aeroporti



The texturized antislip layer with removable glue, easy to print and cut, compliant to DIN 51130 R10 antislip standards and certified flame retardant DIN 4102 B1.

Designed for direct printing and mainly indoor use. Ideal for short-term use in mall centers, retail, temporary shops, exhibitions, railway stations and airoport terminals (maximum durability 1 month).

Uomo che cammina su grafica stampata su pellicola antiscivolo informazioni fiera e centri congressi



The soft, balanced and conformable texturized layer with a special glue capable to hold on moquettes and carpets without damaging their surface. Compliant to DIN 51130 R10 antislip standards and certified flame retardant DIN 4102 B1.

Designed for indoor use and direct printing. Ideal for temporary decorations of moquettes and carpets during exhibitions, events, conventions and congresses.

Grafica stampata su autoadesivo per tappeti e moquette ideale per fiere centri congressi e indoor



The real antislip champion for direct printing that guarantees the maximum grip on walkways, steps, wet and critical surfaces. Compliant to DIN 51130 R13 antislip standards and certified flame retardant DIN 4102 B1.

Designed either for indoor or outdoor use. It fits perfectly with the application in parking lots, reserved areas, stairs and wet floors.

Pellicola autoadesiva antiscivolo calpestabile stampata posizionata sui gradini delle scale per dare sicurezza Divieto di sosta stampato e tagliato su autoadesivo antiscivolo estremo adatto a parcheggi e outdoor


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