11 Dec, 2019
Mr Magnus® Digital+Offset – Special sheets for Offset and Digital

A new way to think in sheets is born

Beyond more-of-the-same coated paper, a whole world of solutions awaits to blast the gates to unexplored markets.
Solutions that enable to meet the extraordinary productivity of Offset and Digital Offset printing, special synthetic layers gifted with unique properties: magnetic or ferrous sheets, repositionable glue-free layers for repeated use and self-adhesive with glue dots.

We have developed and gathered all these solutions in a single spot named Mr Magnus® Digital + Offset.
With this new range of sheet materials you have the chance to test your creativity on Digital Offset equipment, traditional Offset and Screen printers as well as flatbed machinery.

Become with us the Specialities Specialist!

Wish to receive the freshly made sample folder of Mr Magnus® Digital + Offset? Ask here to get your own one.


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