24 Sep, 2019
Two Tack®: the only double-sided tape with Nano-Dots

Creativity that is always on the move needs an equally dynamic material, and that’s why we have created Two Tack®, the only double-sided tape with Nano-Dots technology (nano-suction cups).
This universal peel and stick tape has one extra strong adhesive side, and one side with nano-suction cups which make it possible to continuously reposition any graphic or object, on any flat surface, leaving no residue behind.

The applications of this material are endless: from repositionable frames with photos, to peel and stick accessories for mobile phones; from catalogues and samples with inserts on which to apply your products, to scenographic objects that you can rearrange whenever you want.
The side with Nano-Dots is water-washable, reusable and doesn’t create bubbles when applied.

Two Tack®, designed and engineered in Italy, is a Guandong registered brand, and shortly it will also be available in 50 and 10-metre rolls, more practical than their wider counterparts, and packed in a stylish black box.

The idea of putting Two Tack® inside a dispenser to make it easier to use was given to us by Flexsy, a graphic distribution company settled in Naples, a proven loyal distributor of ours. The fascinating packaging, which describes the characteristics and quality of the material, was consequently created to give the idea even more value.

This makes it much more than just a roll in a box: it is, above all, a new opportunity to create a network and grow together, sharing projects and redefining the possibilities of visual communications.

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