23 Sep, 2019
Guandong at Viscom as Specialities’ Specialist

Once again, we will be at this year’s Viscom, from October 10th to 12th, with an even larger range of latest generation media supports. We’ve got lots of new products to show you, developed to broaden the horizons of digital printing and promote new trends. Because we are Specialities’ Specialists!

The hashtag #theSpecialitieSpecialist acts as a link to our exhibition space, divided into 5 areas, each of which introduces our products by inviting you to interact and have fun.

This undisputed protagonist is the area dedicated to glass media supports, where you can get a sneak preview of the latest addition to the great Guandong family: our new OWV-polyester. The result of over 5 years of research, this third-generation micro-perforated film is made of fully recyclable polyester and, in the words of Guandong’s new CEO, Daniele Faoro, “offers unprecedented opportunities by opening the door to an almost unlimited range of new applications.”

Thanks to its perfect stability, it can also be mounted on roll-ups, banners and movable panels, and is designed to be applied on the inside of the glass, withstanding atmospheric agents, UV rays and vandalism.

There are more new ideas in the section dedicated to Mr Bordon and his multifunction, rewritable boards, where you can play with the magnetic and rewritable features on an entire wall set up at the stand.

Moving on, you can come and “touch” the potential of the Magnet & Ferro range. Have fun changing and overlapping the different backgrounds to photograph yourself against, then share your photos. Only by trying it out will you fully understand our slogan “Change your image in 1 minute”.

Finally, visit Mr Magnus and receive one of the samples printed “live” every day in the area equipped with UV desktops/lasers and cutting plotters.

The Texon area is the backdrop to this magical world, with a giant backlit photograph of the magnificent Piazza Duomo in Milan, created specifically for Viscom on our professional backlit.

A tribute to Milan and the Italian spirit that represents us in every way. Our Fashion & Design Network of branches, partners and ambassadors was in fact born in Italy, increasingly bringing our products closer to the needs of each operator. So that we are always close to you.

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