21 Dec, 2020

Innovative products and services with a brand-new interactive catalogue, now in 5 languages

Guandong is ahead of their times and looking to the future by presenting an exclusive preview of the new MM21 Collection, it’s very first interactive digital catalogue available in 5 different languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. A novelty that will bring Guandong’s Speciality Specialists even closer to their customers all over Europe.

Quality, future vision, sustainability and collaboration: these are the values that drive our company every day, and we wanted them to be conveyed in the new catalogue”, explains Daniele Faoro, Guandong’s Team Principal. Not only does it contain the vast range of constantly expanding products and solutions that characterise Guandong’s offering, but also lots of new innovative services that testify to the company’s desire to meet customer demands and drive innovation.

One of these is the G5 Factory, the exclusive on demand service that allows you to customise any support in the Guandong range, making it truly tailor-made. In particular, the G5 Factory offers customisation, half-sizes, die-cutting, adhesive backings and assembly, all strictly Made in Italy.

Alongside the G5 Factory there are also Financing solutions designed by Guandong to meet the ever-changing economic needs of its customers. For example the Trust Card, a prepaid card worth € 500, € 1,000 or € 2,000, which depending on the sum and payment method, allows you to take advantage of benefits such as discounts and free direct shipping.

“Future is an attitude: some people only see what there is; we see what there will be”, claims Nicola Landoni, Guandong’s Area Manager for Italy, introducing some of the new products in the MM21 Collection. Highly innovative supports and materials for visual communication, interior decoration and in-store promotion, like the solutions in the large Mr Magnus range. An entire family of special products ranging from magnetic and ferrous materials to polyester films with air-release (Scarico d’Aria®) and non-slip fabric for delicate floors made from recycled and recyclable material, all with one unique advantage: the possibility of being printed with 12 different printing technologies. They are also all extremely easy to use and apply. “It is no coincidence that Mr Magnus is increasingly recognised as a brand in its own right, almost a company within the company, able to offer unprecedented business opportunities through the development of new markets”, comments Damiano Merlo, Business Manager of Guandong’s Smart AD & Industry Division.

One of the new additions to the Guandong catalogue is the brand-new NANO-TACar, polyester coated with adhesive suction cups made with nanotechnology, printable with digital, laser and offset technology, developed by the internal R&D department for the deco dynamics and automotive sector. Extremely simple to apply and remove, NANO-TACar ensures perfect adhesion at high speeds, up to 130 km / h on sheet metal, aluminium, resin and nonpolar plastics. It is washable, repositionable, leaves no residue and does not damage the bodywork. NANO-TACar is also recyclable, as it can be disposed of as plastic and is similar to solid urban waste.

Innovation also for a great classic in visual communication for the world of retail, Backlit film, which Guandong now proposes in a brand new A3+ format, and for double-sided prints made with two polyester films for the world of packaging, gardening and labelling. All these new media are printable with any laser / toner technology, guaranteeing bright and captivating colours. Furthermore, like the REvita and VinylJet products, they are part of the green solutions created by the Specialty Specialists, thereby satisfying the needs of brands that are more attentive to eco-sustainability.


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