27 Jan, 2021
How to face the curling effect on vinyl | Guandong Academy Tip #1

What is the so-called curling effect all about?

Who operates in the Digital Printing industry and deals with adhesive vinyl or multilayer substrates on a daily basis, has certainly come across with the curling effect once.

This struggling event is bound to the delicate balance between support, inks and the environmental factors involved and the mechanical shrinkage of the surface following the evaporation of the liquid part contained in the inks.

The subsequent loss in terms of mass, combined with the chemical reaction of some composites, may cause the media a temporary or permanent loss of flatness. This is the curling effect in a nutshell.



  1. Beware of humidity and temperature range of the printing house! These two parameters may affect the overall drying time and therefore cause the curling effect.
  2. Make sure that the inks dry completely or care to leave a blank margin all over the print, mainly with heavy solid colours.


Do you want to learn all the other practical tips and get rid of the curling effect once for all?


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