27 Jan, 2021
The new Plastic Collection 2021 is out now!

Reliability, versatility and performance gathered in one place

Inside of it you can find the most well-rounded, reliable and versatile plastic materials ever developed for purposes such as Roll-up, Pop-up, hanging banners, displays, packaging, shoppers and backlighting:

  • CARBON-BLOCK – The new lightstop composite for bannering and roll-ups
  • MULTILAYER – the top selling line for roll-ups and display
  • POLYFLAT® – Unmatched softness and flatness, certified flame retardant class B1
  • VINYLJETNEW ENTRY! The brand new line made of 100% recycled and recyclable vinyl for display, packaging, shoppers and barriers
  • GREEN AREA – The eco-friendly PET range for high performing backlighting

Do you wish to receive the new Plastic Collection along with its products?


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